The Club

About Our Club

The Kenshikikan Dojo was founded in September 2014.

The focus of study at the Kenshikikan revolves around the proper execution of basic and fundamental Aikido principals, making this dojo an ideal place to start your Aikido journey.

The club is affiliated to the United Kingdom Aikikai and the Joint Aikikai Council – This means that all grades awarded are ratified by the Aikikai World Headquarters (Hombu) in Tokyo.

The dojo regularly hosts internal courses as well as hosting numerous visiting instructors from across the country.

The goal of the club is to share the Art with anyone willing to study, regardless of style or affiliation. We want to make this beautiful art accessible to all

If you’re interested in starting Aikido or would like to ask us any questions, please feel free to drop us an email at

Our Instructors

Matthew McLoughlin - Sandan So Hombu (Fukushidoin)

Matt began his Aikido training in summer 2003. He graded to Shodan on the 15th May 2014 and established the Kenshikikan Dojo in Shevington in late September that same year.

He was graded to Nidan (2nd Degree black belt) on 26th April 2015.

He was  graded to Sandan (3rd Degree black belt) on 10th April 2018  by Philip Smith Shihan 7th Dan Aikikai. He was also awarded the title of "Fukushidoin" or assistant national coach in the same year, meaning he is permitted to grade students up to 1st Kyu (Brown Belt)


Ian Whitfield - Shodan So Hombu

Ian began his training in Wigan in the 1970's under the late Don and Mary Pybus Sensei's.

Following a short  hiatus,  he  returned to the mat and contnued  his training with the Kenshikikan in  2014.

Sensei Whitfield brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and  good humour to the club.

He was graded to Shodan so Hombu by Philip Smith Shihan in late 2017 and now serves as the assistant instructor at Kenshikikan Aikido Club as well as leading our tuesday night class

Photography supplied by Brian O'Hanlon